1. Restaurant Online Ordering: Who Are We?

    What Do We Do and Who We Are? Online ordering is penetrating every industry from grocery to restaurants. Without it, it seems as though you are simply behind the times today. We at Online Orders Now will be there with you every step of the way as you begin to implement new software that will help you level yourself to your competitors. We aim to be there for you – the customer, and you can rest …Read More

  2. How To Manage Your Restaurant Staff

    Online Orders Now provides exceptional software for restaurants. We offer a robust and sophisticated online ordering system that fully integrates with most any POS system, a simple and intuitive ordering interface, a host of exclusive features with practical benefit, and a $20,000 Additional Revenue Guarantee to boot! But, just for a moment, let’s dream together. Let’s suppose you had NOW’s …Read More

  3. Why Every Restaurant Needs Online Ordering Software, Part Two

    Full integration with your POS system, simple yet powerful ordering interfaces, a $20,000 Additional Revenue Guarantee, advanced delivery mapping, exclusive features like “My Way” to remember customers’ order specifics, and enthusiastic customer service at Online Orders Now are just a few of the many reasons why restaurants make the change to add an online ordering system. This is part two o…Read More

  4. The Benefits Of Having An In-House Online Food Ordering System

    Over the past month and several weeks, we’ve been discussing strategies for restaurants to beat the “summer slump,” as it were. Granted, not all restaurants slow down in the summer, but pretty much every restaurant has slower months than others, and 100 percent of the owners of those restaurants, if asked, would say they wish they could do something to increase profits during the slow season…Read More

  5. Why Our Restaurant Online Ordering System Stands Alone

    Welcome back to the official Online Orders Now blog space! During the summer months, we’ve taken the opportunity to put our experience working with a wide variety of restaurants to good use for our readers (and ideally, our future clients). We’ve addressed marketing techniques — both digital and the old-fashioned way — along with many other topics for helping your restaurant improve effici…Read More

  6. Why The Experts Say You Need A Restaurant Food Ordering System

    It’s no secret that people like eating fresh food from the comfort of the home. It’s also no secret that people like to do so even more if they don’t have to be the ones to cook that food in the first place. And if you don’t have to clean up either? Now that’s really hitting the sweet spot. Yes, food delivered to your front door is a wonderful thing, whether it’s Sunday evening and you…Read More

  7. Why Every Restaurant Needs Online Ordering Software ASAP!

    Over the past few months, we’ve gone in-depth regarding one particular point — we want our customers, restaurant owners, to be able to get some practically useful tips for beating slump seasons. For the sake of conversation, we’ve talked a good deal about how summer months can be the ones where many restaurants experience this dip in traffic and revenue, but it really depends on each individ…Read More

  8. Tips For Restaurants During The Slow Months

    If you’ve been in the restaurant business for longer than a year or two, it likely comes as no secret to you that summer can be rough on the ol’ pocketbook. While different types of restaurants experience the dreaded “slow month” at various times of the year, August and September can be particularly problematic for restaurateurs across the country. It’s not too hard to figure out why. Pe…Read More

  9. Why Add An Online Ordering System To Your Restaurant?

    Welcome back to our summer series intended to help restaurants of all kinds beat the infamous summer slump so many restaurant owners have come to dread over the years. Our goal is to provide our clients, prospective clients, and even the odd restaurateur surfing the web in order to find some tips, with some practical pointers to help them not only stay above water during the late summer, but to ha…Read More

  10. Experiencing A Slump? Establish An Online Restaurant Ordering System!

    Our last post launched the start of our summer series focused on helping restaurant owners beat the summer slump that often occurs between August and September. While not a ubiquitous rule, many restaurants (especially those who aren’t fortunate enough to be located near a tourist hotspot) feel the pressure of staying in the green during these months. We took the time to offer up a few ideas for…Read More