You have chosen Online Orders Now (NOW) as your online ordering provider — now how do you let your customers know about this new, convenient feature? At NOW, we want to assist you with all of your online ordering needs, so we have compiled a handy list of resources to help you get started.


Direct Mail Marketing

Because it is highly location-based, direct mail marketing helps to target current and potential customers in your restaurant’s immediate neighborhood, and other target areas. For more information on the benefits of direct mail marketing, check out this blog.


Door Hangers

Door hangers, like direct mail marketing, are a great tool for local marketing. Those who live nearby are likely your most loyal customers, and will probably be excited about new home delivery options. Looking for a door hanger provider? We like Local Flyer Distribution.


Discount Cards

Every business owner knows — the best way to get anyone to do anything is to offer a discount. By supplying your current and prospective patrons with an incentive to try online ordering, you increase their willingness to give it a shot. For all of your discount card needs, we recommend Got Print and Vista Print.


Table Tents

Let your guests know that they can also enjoy your fare at home with the convenience of fast and affordable delivery. Table tents effectively deliver the message to every restaurant patron without exception. As with discount cards, our recommended providers of full-color, high-quality table tents are Got Print and Vista Print.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding marketing your Online Orders Now partnership get in touch with us today. We would be glad to help.