1. Benefits of Offering Online Ordering Services

    Ordering food online is one of the coolest things since sliced bread. Maybe that saying has lost of it’s cool over the years, but there is no doubt about it — being able to order food from incredible restaurants, right on your phone or computer, is incredible. Over the last couple of years, the ability to order online has become a popular way for people to consume food. Apps and delivery servi…Read More

  2. How To Keep Your Restaurant Busy This Year – Part 2

    Welcome back to the Online Orders Now blog! Our blog yesterday covered a few of the things that you can do to keep business booming this year, but we were only able to cover five things, and there are still so many others that you can do. In today’s blog, we will continue on this subject by providing you with additional things that you can work on, incorporate into your marketing, and more. So l…Read More

  3. How Much Should A Restaurant Spend On Marketing?

    We’ve covered quite a bit of ground over the past few months. Our summer series intended to help restaurants of all kinds beat the summer slump that so often occurs has been consistent in its approach, while still covering a wide variety of topics. At the end of the day, it’s all about providing value for restaurants looking to increase profits. Marketing is a funny thing though — you’ve g…Read More

  4. Which Marketing Channels Your Restaurant Should Invest In, Part Three

    Welcome back to our third and final part of our series dedicated to helping restaurants think about marketing and the budgeting thereof. In our first post, we took the time to talk about appropriate percentages of overall revenue to allocate toward marketing. While no two restaurants or markets are alike, there is a significant strategic difference between how an up-and-coming restaurant needs to …Read More

  5. Quickfire Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

    Online Orders Now is your source for a food ordering system for restaurants that not only makes your life easier, but it opens up a brand new, profitable revenue channel. Through seamless integration with your pre-existent place of sale (POS) system, we’ve developed the most profitable restaurant online ordering software on the market. There are many other features and benefits that we’ve disc…Read More

  6. Restaurants, Marketing, & Simple Strategies, Part Three

    We have arrived at the final stop on this veritable journey into the world of marketing for restaurants. Over the last few posts, we’ve enjoyed highlighting a few practical strategies that every restaurant owner should consider employing. While it might not be reasonable for each restaurant to go about tackling each of these recommendations in a month’s time, pick a few that sound doable and s…Read More

  7. Why Our Restaurant Online Ordering System Stands Alone

    Welcome back to the official Online Orders Now blog space! During the summer months, we’ve taken the opportunity to put our experience working with a wide variety of restaurants to good use for our readers (and ideally, our future clients). We’ve addressed marketing techniques — both digital and the old-fashioned way — along with many other topics for helping your restaurant improve effici…Read More

  8. Why The Experts Say You Need A Restaurant Food Ordering System

    It’s no secret that people like eating fresh food from the comfort of the home. It’s also no secret that people like to do so even more if they don’t have to be the ones to cook that food in the first place. And if you don’t have to clean up either? Now that’s really hitting the sweet spot. Yes, food delivered to your front door is a wonderful thing, whether it’s Sunday evening and you…Read More

  9. Tips For Restaurants During The Slow Months

    If you’ve been in the restaurant business for longer than a year or two, it likely comes as no secret to you that summer can be rough on the ol’ pocketbook. While different types of restaurants experience the dreaded “slow month” at various times of the year, August and September can be particularly problematic for restaurateurs across the country. It’s not too hard to figure out why. Pe…Read More

  10. Online Ordering System – A No Brainer For Restauranteurs

    In no uncertain terms, Online Orders Now offers restaurant owners the ability to increase order volume, market penetration, and receive higher average ticket amounts, while at the same time lowering net costs. We do this by seamlessly integrating with the POS system you already have while providing flexible options to help increase profitability without sacrificing efficiency. Sound too good to be…Read More