1. Restaurant Online Ordering: Who Are We?

    What Do We Do and Who We Are? Online ordering is penetrating every industry from grocery to restaurants. Without it, it seems as though you are simply behind the times today. We at Online Orders Now will be there with you every step of the way as you begin to implement new software that will help you level yourself to your competitors. We aim to be there for you – the customer, and you can rest …Read More

  2. The Characteristics Of A High-Quality Restaurant Owner

    The Characteristics Of A High-Quality Restaurant Owner

    In a few of our more recent posts, we took the time to talk about what kind of traits restaurant managers (and owners) should look to have while operating their business. It’s difficult to generalize too much because no two restaurants are alike. But in our experience at Online Orders Now, we’ve interacted with a wide range of restaurant types. This has given us a unique vantage point in the s…Read More

  3. Breaking Down Our Online Ordering Software Products

    Breaking Down Our Online Ordering Software Products

    Online Orders Now is the top choice for restaurants looking for an online ordering solution that is robust, sophisticated, and yet affordable. To speak to the latter part, we provide unlimited transactions for our clients, meaning you get a flat monthly fee whether you have one hundred or one hundred thousand orders each month. Again, it’s a flat, fixed, monthly fee, meaning we won’t charge yo…Read More

  4. Compare Our Online Food Ordering System To Others! Part One

    It’s time to get back to basics. We love writing articles about the restaurant industry in general — which is why we will continue to write some (ideally) practical posts that help restaurant owners improve operations, save money, and perhaps even determine if owning a restaurant is the right move to make for them in the first place! To the latter point, recent posts have seen us address both …Read More

  5. Who We Are And What We Can Do For You

    Who We Are And What We Can Do For You

    It’s time to get back to our bread and butter, folks. We’ve spent far too much time talking about what makes great managers of restaurants, how to better understand digital marketing, and writing about restaurants in a general sense. It’s not that we don’t enjoy providing value for restauranteurs in interesting ways, but at some point we need to get back to what we know best. And what we k…Read More

  6. What Makes A Successful Restaurant Manager Successful

    What Makes A Successful Restaurant Manager Successful?

    Being a restaurant manager is far from a simple task. When we say simple, most people tend to think of things being easy as opposed to difficult. But looking at the root of what simplicity actually means, it refers to something being singular, not compound or complex. So yes, being a restaurant manager is difficult, but one of the main reasons for this is because you have to wear a wide range of h…Read More

  7. How To Manage Your Restaurant Staff

    Online Orders Now provides exceptional software for restaurants. We offer a robust and sophisticated online ordering system that fully integrates with most any POS system, a simple and intuitive ordering interface, a host of exclusive features with practical benefit, and a $20,000 Additional Revenue Guarantee to boot! But, just for a moment, let’s dream together. Let’s suppose you had NOW’s …Read More

  8. Why Every Restaurant Needs A Dynamic Website

    “These guys have the friendliest staff I have ever worked with. They completed everything not only quickly but with great quality as well. Jed in customer service walked me through everything I needed step by step. Wade called to suggest changes to make my menu even better than before and business has never been better since starting with Online Orders Now!! Definite 5 stars” – Michael K. Cu…Read More

  9. Apps Every Foodie Needs

    From the pictures on Instagram to keeping up with the hottest restaurants in town, being a foodie is a big deal and requires some serious effort. As a restaurant owner, you want to make sure that your name and your menu are showing up when these foodies come looking. So how do you ensure that you’re there? There are a few ways, but one of the most common ways of late is through the app store. Th…Read More

  10. The Benefits Of Having An In-House Online Food Ordering System

    Over the past month and several weeks, we’ve been discussing strategies for restaurants to beat the “summer slump,” as it were. Granted, not all restaurants slow down in the summer, but pretty much every restaurant has slower months than others, and 100 percent of the owners of those restaurants, if asked, would say they wish they could do something to increase profits during the slow season…Read More