Managing Your Restaurant Staff - Tips From Your Online Ordering System Provider

In our last post, we discussed the importance of hiring well, accepting the challenges in front of you, and having open communication as a restaurant owner/manager. We at Online Orders Now are providers of a robust online food ordering system designed to take your restaurant’s delivery and to-go systems to the next level, not consultants with formal training in how to develop a great staff.

However, as we noted in our last post, we have been around our fair share of restaurants, helping a multitude of restaurants improve their internal processes while helping them become more profitable through utilizing sophisticated online ordering software. We’d like to put some of that experience to good use for you, so we’ll continue where we left off in our previous post, before wrapping up the day’s post with a quick word regarding what our online ordering solutions can do for a wide range of restaurant types! Keep reading if you are a restaurant owner looking for some tips that can practically change the way you think about relating to your employees!

Investing In Your Employees

Studies show that positive recognition is a stronger motivating factor than financial incentives, as strange as it may sound. And while positive recognition can certainly get to a point where the law of diminishing returns applies (hearing “good job” from a boss you rarely hear it from means more than one who tells everyone “good job” all the time). Nevertheless, every restaurant owner should keep that arrow in their quiver.

So what does investing in your employees look like? For one, actually getting to know them a little bit would be a good start. This means you’ll have to find time to be intentional about asking them about themselves. It also means you should be hosting employee events every quarter or so, or at least a few times per year. And when you do, don’t hold back on the generosity (within reason). We know you are probably on a tight budget, but do your best to make sure your employees know they are valued. Buying a round or two will go a long way toward accomplishing that.


This is where competence and culture intersect. How do you strike a balance between holding your employees accountable to their job while still giving them the freedom they need to be happy? For starters, keep the big things big and the little things little. This means that you should pick your battles, and when you do, make sure it’s a battle worth fighting. Keep people accountable for the important tasks.

We are big advocates of giving your staff the benefit of the doubt in the sense that you should trust your employees until they give you a reason not to. If you assume they’ll let you down, you’ll probably convey that to them without saying it outright. Likewise, do your best to let them make their tasks their own. If they don’t do it the exact same way as you, maybe that’s not the end of the world. Maybe letting them put their own personal twist on helps them be more satisfied deep down!

Be Consistent

The final tip we’ll leave with in today’s post is one that you can use for almost any kind of scenario life throws at you: be consistent. Whether you are dealing with disciplinary measures, your personal work habits, or how you expect your employees to handle difficult customers, you won’t find many better ways to frustrate your employees than by having dramatic swings in expectations. Be consistent with your mood, attitude, behaviors, and habits. Things will go well for you, we bet.

Online Ordering Software For Restaurants

Another thing that will help your restaurant-endeavor to go well is including a sophisticated (yet easy to use) online ordering system that directly integrates with your POS system. People spend 30 percent more when ordering from an online ordering system rather than over the counter or phone. We’d love if you took the time to learn more about our products, solution, and world-class customer service team. We are truly invested in the success of our clients, as we hope this blog post showcases. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be a part of increasing profits while improving your overall processes!