Our last post launched the start of our summer series focused on helping restaurant owners beat the summer slump that often occurs between August and September. While not a ubiquitous rule, many restaurants (especially those who aren’t fortunate enough to be located near a tourist hotspot) feel the pressure of staying in the green during these months.

We took the time to offer up a few ideas for marketing to locals and partnering with businesses in the area to help set yourself apart during this potentially rough time. Of course, it might be difficult to move the dial if you are going to get started with these campaigns during the heart of the summer slump, but there is no time like the present to get going! Ideas included offering free menu items (think a complimentary mixed drink with the purchase of a starter or main course), establishing a partnership with a local business or two that’s in your area (making sure they aren’t a direct competitor, yet they are still related to leisure in some way), and opening up a new revenue stream through adding a mobile food ordering system.

The meat and potatoes of today’s post concern the latter of the three items mentioned in our previous post. Online ordering for local restaurants is something every restaurant should consider, and just about every restaurant should implement. Unless you have a Michelin Star attached to your name, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with opening up your delicious food choices to the digital world. Not only is it a practical way to supplement profits, it’s become something of an expectation for restaurants to have an online ordering system — whether they offer a delivery service or otherwise.

We don’t want to paint with too broad of a brush by any means, as every restaurant is unique with their own set of opportunities and challenges, but allow us in today’s post to explain what restaurants of all kinds tend to see when adding online ordering software to their suite of offerings. Read on if you are a fan of innovation and return on investment!

Online Orders Now – At A Glance

Choosing a provider like OON means you choose a provider that has been at the forefront of the industry for more than a decade. We were the first to offer seamless POS integration, and we’ve continued to evolve and adapt our offerings to meet the needs of the modern day. We provide custom restaurant websites, mobile ordering web apps, mobile ordering, dynamic printable menus, catering menus, tailored POS integrations (including semi and non-integrated functionality), and more. Whichever of our mobile food ordering services you elect to go with, we work diligently to capture the spirit of your restaurant’s brand. We’ll work with you to ensure we highlight what you do well on your website and menu — whether that be the unique atmosphere of your dining room, enticing menu items, or a friendly staff!

Real Growth

When you elect to go with our Guaranteed Success Plan, guess what? We’ll guarantee you success. Our Exclusive Revenue Guarantee stipulates that you will earn $20,000 in the first year or $60,000 over the first two years. If you aren’t able to reach those numbers, for whatever reason, we will cut your menu monthly fee in half until you reach the numbers listed above. We are confident you won’t find another offer quite like that in the world of mobile food ordering systems and online ordering software!

How can we offer something like that? It’s simple; our restaurants see year-over-year growth in the range of 30 percent within the first year of adding our online ordering software.

So while we will be offering up plenty more tips and tricks to help beat the summer slump, we can’t think of a much better one than considering Online Orders Now and our restaurant online ordering software. Yes, we have a horse in this race, but we hope that we’ve explained the measures we take to help make adding this new system a profitable venture. We are confident you’ll experience dramatic ROI while opening up your brand to a new demographic online. If you are interested in giving your website (and restaurant) a digital facelift provided to you by the experts, contact Online Orders Now! We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your business.