Who We Are And What We Can Do For You

It’s time to get back to our bread and butter, folks. We’ve spent far too much time talking about what makes great managers of restaurants, how to better understand digital marketing, and writing about restaurants in a general sense. It’s not that we don’t enjoy providing value for restauranteurs in interesting ways, but at some point we need to get back to what we know best. And what we know best is online food ordering systems for restaurants.

Today’s blog is going to be single-minded in its approach. As the title no doubt gave away, we are discussing who we are and what we can do for you, with the “you” portion referring to restaurant owners. So, please give us less than five minutes of your time and allow us to explain why we do what we do, and why you should care!

Who We Are

The short version is that we at Online Orders Now are where value meets quality. The long version will tell you why: We’ve been one of the leaders in our field for over ten years. We were the first to offer seamless POS integration (something that’s extremely valuable, as you probably already know), polygonal delivery mapping, and even phone number-based ordering, among many other features. While the majority of these features are considered “standard issue” in an online food ordering system, we continue to be on the front lines of innovation in new ways.

What We Offer That Our Competitors Don’t

There’s more to it than this one aspect, but this is huge: We can prove that we have your best interest in mind by explaining one key thing. Other online ordering system providers charge more than 20 or even 30 cents for each dollar you receive while using their mobile food ordering system. That’s every transaction, all the time. We offer three packages that include fixed, monthly price-points. No matter how many orders you have each month, no matter how big we can help grow you to be, you are locked in with your pricing.

If you are familiar with our industry, that’s probably a breath of fresh air for you.

Why Choose Online Orders Now

One Solution, A Wealth Of Products And Features

When you choose Online Orders Now as your online ordering software provider, you get access to a world of practically beneficial products, services, and features. From a custom-designed website that looks great on smartphones and desktops alike to seamless POS system integration to being able to provide you with dynamic printable menus and catering menus, we’ve got you covered in a range of ways.

How does taking advantage of the fact that online orders are typically 30 percent larger in purchase price than orders taken over the phone or counter sound? How does being able to capture customer marketing data that you can use at a later point sound? How does earning $20,000 of additional revenue in your first year of using our online ordering system sound?

We bet it sounds pretty good, if you are anything like our other happy, successful clients. Contact us to get started.