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That’s the high-level, “Reader’s Digest” version of what we do here at Online Orders Now. If this is the first blog of ours that you’ve read, you should know that we’ve dedicated the back half of our summer’s posts with a specific goal in mind — helping restaurants beat the summer slump that so often occurs this time of year.

If you have made it to this post, however, there is no need to go look for the start of this series, as we’ve bounced around from topic to topic quite a bit. We’ve talked about basic ways restaurants can separate themselves from competition, how to market on a small budget in an increasingly digital marketplace, and pretty much everywhere in between.

Today’s post is going to piggyback on our most recent topic of conversation, the importance of restaurants having a dynamic website, as we will briefly discuss the significance of having a mobile site. As this post’s title suggests, we will address what a mobile website is in the first place, along with highlighting its necessity for restaurant owners — specifically restaurant owners who have or would like to have an online ordering system in place.

What Is A Mobile Site?

An excellent question! We are glad you asked. Mobile sites, or mobile websites, are not to be confused with a mobile app, or application. A mobile site is simply the mobile version of a website, meaning it’s as a website appears when viewing it from the browser of a smartphone. Mobile phones are different than notebook computers and desktops in that they have small screens with a typically lowered screen resolution. Hence, the user experience is often different when viewing a website on a phone.

Why Does It Matter For Restaurant Owners?

Anyone who has ever tried to fill out information on their phone when a website isn’t optimized for mobile use understands where we are coming from in response to the question above. It doesn’t only matter for restaurants — it matters for any business that wants to meet the expectations of how users are browsing their site.

IDC predicted that over 87 percent of connected devices sales will be done using tablets and smartphones by 2017. If you haven’t noticed, we are well past that mark in terms of both time and portion of sales being made by mobile devices and tablets.

With regard to mobile ordering systems for restaurants in particular, having a mobile-optimized website makes all the sense in the world when you consider that the average to-go order ticket size is 30 percent larger when customers order online (as opposed to in your restaurant at the counter).

Where We Come In

Clearly, restaurants need to make sure their website and menu are easily readable (and orderable, if that’s a word) from phones, laptops, and desktop computers. This is where we come in. When you become an Online Orders Now client, you get a brand new website custom-designed for your restaurant. There are more benefits and features to this offering than we have time to list, so make sure you check out the resource linked above when you have time, but one of the most important aspects of working with us is that we make sure your business is fast-tracked into the modern digital marketplace, meeting your customers with a sleek and easy-to-use mobile ordering system. What’s more, we’ll even build you your own unique mobile app! Not everyone will feel inclined to download an app, but if your food is good enough (and we are sure that it is), you’ll grow enough regulars who use the online ordering software that they’ll eventually feel like downloading the app just makes sense at some point.

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We hope that you’ve found this post illuminating! The most important thing you can remember is that it’s not enough to simply have a website with a PDF version of your menu up there along with your phone number. People use their mobile devices for just about everything these days, and ordering from their favorite restaurants is no exception. Get your website optimized while adding a sophisticated online ordering system for restaurants — contact Online Orders Now!