Mobile Food Ordering

Mobile Food OrderingIn our first post, we took the time to tell our readers a little bit about ourselves, in addition to our standard features offered with our mobile food ordering system for restaurants. We also took a look at popular POS systems and how we fully-integrate with many commonly-used providers, like Aldelo, DinerWare, MicroSale, and others.

Online Orders Now has always been at the forefront of innovation within our own industry. For the past decade, we have a track record of providing pioneering value to our clients. Today, that same commitment remains steadfast. We are proud to tell our current and prospective clients that Online Order Now has now officially reached “exceptional” status.

Well, perhaps not officially, but that doesn’t make the statement any less true! Here’s what we mean:

  • Our restaurant online ordering software will be fully integrated with your point-of-sale system
  • We offer simple yet powerful ordering interfaces that are catered to your brand
  • $20,000 additional revenue guarantee (no joke — ask us for details)
  • Advanced delivery mapping
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated customer service
  • Exclusive features like “My Way,” an individualized favorites menu

Today’s post is dedicated to highlighting our broad range of products that we offer here at Online Orders Now, in case the title of this post didn’t give it away already. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about our websites, online ordering dynamic printable menu, mobile web apps, and catering menus!

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Our expert website designers are available for restaurant owners who are in need of an updated website, or even a website in the first place. We will create a unique web presence which captures the essence of your brand, thus enticing customers to visit your establishment in person or order online. We take great pride in making the visions of our clients come to life.

Expect the following features and benefits from our custom restaurant websites:

  • Image Slider – We’ll make sure you get to choose from a few of your favorite images so that they will rotate when a potential patron visits your site. Showcase features like your storefront, restaurant interior, signature dishes, your friendly staff, happy guests, or whatever you prefer!
  • Social Networking Links – Our websites come out-of-the-box with social networking links like Yelp, Foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook. While these are something of a standard-issue on most sites these days, that fact makes it all the more important for your brand to follow suit with the industry trend.
  • Contact Form – It’s no secret that every business needs a way for their patrons and prospective customers to be able to connect with them. With our website designs, you’ll have your phone number visible, in addition to an easy-to-find contact form which will automatically send you an email when a site visitor reaches out to you with a question or comment.  
  • Google Map – People need to be able to find out where your restaurant is located — and the fewer clicks it takes them to find that information the better. We offer an integrated Google Map that is superior to simply having your address listed. Mobile visitors will be able to get directions in a few taps of their thumb.
  • Embedded Videos – Show off any Youtube or Vimeo videos that you might already have made by embedding them directly onto the backend of your website. We handle the details, don’t worry.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is vital to the success of any business with a website. You could offer the best food and the lowest prices in the world, but if no one can find you online, it doesn’t do any good. Our SEO experts utilize the most recent search engine optimization techniques to make sure you are ranking for the correct keywords to get plenty of eyeballs on your site.

If you’d like to speak with a representative today, give us a call. We’d love to learn more about what your restaurant is looking for and how we can help make that desire a reality.

Online Ordering

If you are worried about your current POS system working in tandem with a food ordering system like ours, worry no more. Our restaurant software totally integrates with almost any popular point-of-sale system, including Maitre’D, Aldelo, rPower, MicroSale, and many others.

What’s more, our standard online food ordering software offers restaurateurs four must-have features. We offer unlimited transactions, email notification when you get a first-time customer, external delivery service notifications if a message is undelivered, and manual administration functionality on the back end of our restaurant software. Check out our dedicated online ordering resource for details on each of these standard features.

Mobile Web Apps

Many of the features and benefits we include in our website packages can be found in our mobile ordering app as well. Because mobile food ordering affords customers the ability to scan your menu from the comfort of their home, giving them a sophisticated user experience typically leads to increases in average ticket size.

Features include search engine optimization, embedded videos, Google Map widget, contact form, social networking links, an image slider, and much more!

Dynamic Printable Menu

While we are discussing our food ordering app for restaurants, we’d like to highlight our Dynamic Printable Menu functionality. We are sure you’ve seen them on competitor sites, or perhaps your own, but the industry standard for menus has typically been in PDF format. The DPM feature of our restaurant menu app allows visitors to dynamically browse your menu. This Dynamic Printable Menu is ensured to always be updated with your actual menu when you utilize our easy-to-use software. Howso? DPM immediately changes when online ordering items are modified. Whether you want to change the price of a dish or completely remove it from the menu, your online menu will reflect those changes in real time.

What’s more, customers are able to start the ordering process while looking at any part of your menu. As we are sure you are well aware, different people get inspired to purchase in different ways. If you have a dessert menu that is particularly enticing, people won’t have time to get talked out of ordering from your site by having to figure out how to navigate to your ordering page — they’ll be able to do it on the fly! Such functionality is a significant factor in today’s world, where more and more people have less and less tolerance for archaic, slow-loading websites or poorly functioning apps.

Catering Menus

We know that many restaurant owners leave revenue on the table because starting a catering service is no easy task. At Online Orders Now, we have a specialized catering menu that is ideal for high-volume orders. No matter if the intention is to cater a wedding, a graduation party, or a corporate event, our catering menu has a lot to offer restaurant owners. The menu is distinct from your primary restaurant menu, which means you can keep the two services independent from one another. View our Catering Menus resource for more information!

Mobile Ordering

Because more people browse the web from their smartphones and tablets than laptops and desktops these days, your business needs to be able to respond appropriately. With OON, you can give consumers an optimized, mobile ordering system which will make their food ordering experience intuitive. We utilize the most up-to-date frameworks to design a mobile-friendly format which is both bandwidth and small screen-friendly. Below you can view a side-by-side comparison of what customers see when browsing on their mobile device as opposed to a desktop browser.

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We hang our hat on our ability to meet the unique needs of our clients with tailored solutions. View our demos to get a better understanding as to how our mobile ordering and desktop ordering platforms look and feel. And if you are ready to chat with a representative about your own business, we would be happy to schedule a full demo and walkthrough with you!