Breaking Down Our Online Ordering Software Products

Online Orders Now is the top choice for restaurants looking for an online ordering solution that is robust, sophisticated, and yet affordable. To speak to the latter part, we provide unlimited transactions for our clients, meaning you get a flat monthly fee whether you have one hundred or one hundred thousand orders each month. Again, it’s a flat, fixed, monthly fee, meaning we won’t charge you 30 cents on each dollar you earn through the online ordering system we provide. We at Online Orders Now are invested in the success of our clients. And your success is yours.

Today’s post is dedicated to breaking down our solution into its raw ingredients, if you’ll allow such an appropriate, if not trite metaphor. We will be discussing our online ordering, custom websites for restaurants, mobile web apps, dynamic printable menus, mobile ordering, and catering menus in today’s post.

Keep in mind that everything we offer here at Online Orders Now always comes back to either making you more money, improving your operational inefficiencies, or both! Let’s take a look at the details.

Online Ordering

One of the best features we offer at Online Orders Now is the fact that our online food ordering system completely integrates with the most popular POS systems used in restaurants. From Maitre’D 7 & 8, Microsale, and rPower, to Aldelo, we’ve got you covered! But fear not: in case you don’t use one of the aforementioned brands, we still offer semi-integrated and non-integrated options. To the latter point, we’ll deliver orders to your restaurant through a connected printer or fax machine.

Custom Websites For Restaurants

Long gone are the days where it’s acceptable to have a website that has not much more to show besides a phone number, address, maybe a photo, and a scanned image of your menu. Your potential customers won’t think twice about leaving your website if they have to zoom in with their fingers just to read your menu items. Our custom websites for restaurants feature sophisticated and modern elements that include image sliders, social networking links, contact forms, a Google Map widget, embedded videos, and search engine optimization so you are visible by the eyeballs looking for you on the most popular search engines!

Mobile Web Apps

Customers who are loyal to you because they love your food won’t really enjoy going to their search engine so they can find your website. We let your regulars skip this step by giving them the option of downloading your custom-built web app, complete with your restaurant theme! The app makes your website look wonderful, and your customers will find it a breeze to navigate.

Dynamic Printable Menus

PDF documents just don’t cut it anymore, folks. Having a dynamic printable menu means you can instantly update your printable, physical menu (you use for your dining room) so that it reflects any and all changes you make to your online ordering menu. And it’s easy to use too!

Mobile Ordering

Over 87 percent of connected device sales by 2017 are made using tablets and smartphones at this point. Our Online ORders Now online ordering software uses adaptive technology so that no matter what kind of device your customers are ordering from, your menu will look great and the checkout process is smooth. Wondering how your website currently looks on a range of device types? Contact us to use our proprietary Web to Mobile comparison tool! It will show you what your website actively looks like on mobile devices and desktop computers by showing you a side-by-side. Fair warning, though: you might not like what you see!  

Catering Menus

With a specialized, unique catering menu, advanced ordering that lets your customers order in advance, and customizable catering delivery areas (in case your zone of operation is different than your delivery perimeter), there’s plenty to like about using Online Orders Now to help you implement a catering service!

Icing On The Cake – Exceptional Customer Service

All the great products in the world are nice and good, but they don’t mean much without a support staff that is invested in helping you grow your business. Below is one example from a very satisfied client of ours, Michael K.

“The Friendliest Staff I Have Ever Worked With”

“These guys have the friendliest staff I have ever worked with. They completed everything not only quickly but with great quality as well. Jed in customer service walked me through everything I needed step by step. Wade called to suggest changes to make my menu even better than before and business has never been better since starting with Online Orders Now!!” – Definite 5 stars. Michael K

Contact Us Today!

At the end of the day, our customer service couples with our exceptional suite of products to bring you a robust online food ordering system that will help you become more profitable. We would love the opportunity to learn more about your restaurant to see how we can help you in particular. Reach out to us to get started!