1. The Characteristics Of A High-Quality Restaurant Owner

    The Characteristics Of A High-Quality Restaurant Owner

    In a few of our more recent posts, we took the time to talk about what kind of traits restaurant managers (and owners) should look to have while operating their business. It’s difficult to generalize too much because no two restaurants are alike. But in our experience at Online Orders Now, we’ve interacted with a wide range of restaurant types. This has given us a unique vantage point in the s…Read More

  2. Breaking Down Our Online Ordering Software Products

    Breaking Down Our Online Ordering Software Products

    Online Orders Now is the top choice for restaurants looking for an online ordering solution that is robust, sophisticated, and yet affordable. To speak to the latter part, we provide unlimited transactions for our clients, meaning you get a flat monthly fee whether you have one hundred or one hundred thousand orders each month. Again, it’s a flat, fixed, monthly fee, meaning we won’t charge yo…Read More

  3. Why Our Online Ordering Software For Restaurants Is Unique, Part Two

    In our last post, part one of this two-part series, we compared our online ordering system to the industry standards. We addressed how there exists a special window of opportunity for small restaurants looking to add (or enhance) a brand new revenue stream to their profit equation. Namely, there is a third option between what the big hitters like Domino’s do and paying thirty to forty percent of…Read More

  4. Compare Our Online Food Ordering System To Others! Part One

    It’s time to get back to basics. We love writing articles about the restaurant industry in general — which is why we will continue to write some (ideally) practical posts that help restaurant owners improve operations, save money, and perhaps even determine if owning a restaurant is the right move to make for them in the first place! To the latter point, recent posts have seen us address both …Read More

  5. The Pros Of Starting Your Own Restaurant!

    In our last post, we took the opportunity to throw our two cents in about the prospect of starting a restaurant. Restaurant owners are a rare breed, make no mistake about it. You have to be a Jack (or Jill) of all trades, constantly solving whatever problems the day might present you with. You have to work long hours, costing you precious family and personal time. You have to have a solid understa…Read More

  6. Managing Your Restaurant Staff - Tips From Your Online Ordering System Provider

    Managing Your Restaurant Staff – Tips From Online Orders Now!

    In our last post, we discussed the importance of hiring well, accepting the challenges in front of you, and having open communication as a restaurant owner/manager. We at Online Orders Now are providers of a robust online food ordering system designed to take your restaurant’s delivery and to-go systems to the next level, not consultants with formal training in how to develop a great staff. Howe…Read More

  7. The Challenges Of Being A Restaurant Owner

    Since their inception a few hundred years ago in Paris, restaurants have become nigh on indispensable. An evergreen industry, people will never not want to go to out to eat. Where do people go to celebrate, assuming they are financially able to? Other than the home, where do family reunions, birthdays, corporate parties, anniversaries, engagement dinners, dates, and other happy events usually culm…Read More

  8. Who We Are And What We Can Do For You

    Who We Are And What We Can Do For You

    It’s time to get back to our bread and butter, folks. We’ve spent far too much time talking about what makes great managers of restaurants, how to better understand digital marketing, and writing about restaurants in a general sense. It’s not that we don’t enjoy providing value for restauranteurs in interesting ways, but at some point we need to get back to what we know best. And what we k…Read More

  9. How To Be A Bad Restaurant Manager

    How To Be A Bad Restaurant Manager – What Not To Do!

    We have an informal mini-series going on here in which we reach beyond our typical scope of conversation in favor of addressing a point which managers of restaurants might find particular value in — being an effective restaurant manager. Because a restaurant manager wears so many hats, it’s fairly difficult to try to boil it down to just five habits or so. Life is rarely so simple, unfortunate…Read More

  10. What Makes A Successful Restaurant Manager Successful

    What Makes A Successful Restaurant Manager Successful?

    Being a restaurant manager is far from a simple task. When we say simple, most people tend to think of things being easy as opposed to difficult. But looking at the root of what simplicity actually means, it refers to something being singular, not compound or complex. So yes, being a restaurant manager is difficult, but one of the main reasons for this is because you have to wear a wide range of h…Read More